Jingle Bell Rock – Christmas Song – Piano Notes

Jingle Bell Rock Piano Notes

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Piano Notes for Jingle Bell Rock – Western Notation (CDE FGAB)

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C*~ C* C*~        B~ B B~
Jingle   bell,     jingle bell,

A B A               E
jingle bell     rock

A B A                E             G
Jingle bells    swing     and

A B A                F
jingle bells     ring

D E                  F        G A              G
Snowing     and     blowing     up

D E               F      G~~
bushels     of     fun

A~          G         A G
Now     the     jingle

A          A         D D~~
hop     has     begun

C*~ C* C*~        B~ B B~
Jingle   bell,     jingle bell,

A B A               E
jingle bell     rock

A B A                  E              G
Jingle bells     chime     in

A B A               F
jingle bell      time

D  E               F         G A                G
Dancing     and     prancing     in

D E F               G~~
Jingle Bell     Square

A       A         B G          C*~~~
In     the     frosty     air

A              C*   D*~          C*~
What     a     bright     time,

A         C*       D*~       C*~
it’s     the     right     time

C*        C*       B          A            G E
To     rock     the     night     away

A C* D*~           C*~
Jingle bell      time

A     C*       D*~       C*~
is     a     swell     time

G        G       A A           A      A
To     go     gliding     in     a

B A                   G
one-horse     sleigh

C* C* C*        B  B   B
Giddy-up    jingle  horse,

A           B        A          E
pick     up     your     feet

A B            A  E          G           A~~
Jingle     around     the     clock

A           C*         D* D*
Mix     and     a-mingle

C*      C*       G#~             C* D*~
in     the     jingling     feet

C* A         B         C*            D*        C*
That’s     the     jingle     bell     rock

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