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Piano Letter Notes and Chords for Viva La Vida – Coldplay – CDE FGAB

This post will provide the melody notes (right hand letter notes) and chords (left hand notes) for the song Viva La Vida by Coldplay.

Viva La Vida Piano Notes

Key Information for the Song Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Scale: Ab Major Scale (four black keys)
Key Signature: Four flats (Bb, Eb, Ab, Db)
Ab Major Scale Notes: As shown in the image below, the notes for the Ab Major scale are: Ab, Bb, C, Db, Eb, F, G

Viva La Vida – Coldplay – Key Information

Relative scale of Ab major is F minor.
F Minor Scale Notes: F, G, A♭, B♭, C, D♭, E♭ and F
Tempo: 68 bpm
Time Signature: 4/4
Difficulty Level: Intermediate, Advanced

The song Viva La Vida is in Ab major with a tempo of 68 BPM and a 4/4 time signature. These notes are intended for piano and are suitable for players with some experience.

Tips to Play the Piano Notes for Viva La Vida

Fast Notes – Brackets

Some letter notes for the song Viva La Vida are given in brackets like (notes); they are meant to be played quickly or fast, similar to 16th, 32nd, or sometimes 8th notes in sheet music.

Play these notes continuously and connectedly, following the Viva La Vida song’s rhythm and lyrics.

The next regular note is written immediately after the closing bracket.

Sustained Notes – Wavy Lines

The wavy line symbol ~ (tilde) following a note indicates sustained notes.

  • One tilde signifies a quarter-note duration on the piano sheet.
  • Two tildes denote a half-note duration.
  • Three tildes signify a whole note duration.

Therefore, press and hold the note for the appropriate duration based on the number of tildes while playing the piano notes for the Viva La Vida song.

1. Right-Hand Melody (Right-Hand Letter Notes) for Viva La Vida

Part 1 (Intro Music)

Db* Db* Db*
(Db*) Db* Db*   (Db*) Db* Db*
C* C* C*
(C*) C* C*    (C*) C* C*

Db* Db* Db*
(Db*) Db* Db*   (Db*) Db* Db*
C* C* C* (C*) C*~~

Part 2 (Verse 1)

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning, I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

(C*) C* C*     C*~~   (Db*) Bb~~
I       used to  rule      the world

Bb       (Eb)  Bb
Seas  would rise

(Bb) (Ab) C*   (Eb) F~~
when I gave    the word

C*    (C* C*)  (C* C*)
Now  in the    morning,

(C*) C*~~  (Db*) Bb~~
I sleep        alone

Bb        (Eb)  Bb       Bb
Sweep  the  streets  I

Bb       (C*) Ab (G) F~~
used   to own


Db* Db* Db*
(Db*) Db* Db*   (Db*) Db* Db*
C* C* C*
(C*) C* C*    (C*) C* C*

Db* Db* Db*
(Db*) Db* Db*   (Db*) Db* Db*
C* C* C* (C*) C*~~

Part 3 A (Verse 2)

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes
Listen as the crowd would sing
“Now the old king is dead, long live the king”

(C*) C* C*     C*~~   (Db*) Bb~~
I      used to   roll       the dice

Bb     (Eb)  Bb    (Bb Ab)
Feel   the   fear  in my

(Bb Bb) C*  Ab~ (G) F~~
enemy’s     eyes

C* C*   C*  C*   C*~~   (Db*) Bb~~
Listen  as  the  crowd   would sing

(Ab Ab)    (C* Bb)  (Ab) Ab~~
Now the   old king  is dead,

(C* Bb)   (Ab) Ab~
long live   the king

Part 3 B (Verse 2)

One minute, I held the key
Next, the walls were closed on me
And I discovered that my castles stand
Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

(F* F* F*)     (F*)  F*~~   (Db*) Eb*~~
One minute, I       held     the key

Eb*    (Eb*) Eb*~   (Eb*) Eb*       (Db*) C*~~
Next, the walls       were closed   on me

(C* C*)   (C* C*)        (C* C*)    C*~~ (Db*) Bb~~
And I      discovered   that my    castl_es stand

(Ab)    Ab  (C* Bb Ab) Ab~
Upon  pillars of salt

(Ab)  (C* Bb)  (Ab) Ab~
and   pillars    of sand

Part 4 A (Chorus)

I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringin’
Roman cavalry choirs are singin’
Be my mirror, my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field

(Eb*) F*  F* (F*) (Eb*)  (F*) Eb*~
I hear      Jerusalem     bells

(Bb) C* Db*~

Eb*         Eb* (Eb*) (C*) (Eb*) C*~
Roman  cavalry              choirs

(F) G Ab~
are singin’

F*  F* (F* Eb*)  (F*) Eb*~   (Bb) C* Db*
Be my mirror,   my sword    and shield

(C*) (Eb* C*) Eb*   (Eb* C* Eb*) C*~  (F) G Ab~
My   missionaries   in a foreign             field

Part 4 B (Chorus)

For some reason, I can’t explain
Once you’d gone, there was never
Never an honest word
And that was when I ruled the world

F* F* (F* Eb*)  (F*) G*  G* G*~~
For some reason, I can’t explain

Eb*      Eb*   Eb*     (Eb* C*)     (Db*) C*~
Once  you’d gone,  there was  never

(C* C*)  (C*)  C*~~ Db*  Bb~~~
Never    an     honest word

(Ab)   (Bb Ab)    (G) G~  C* (G) Ab~~
And    that was  when I     ruled the world

Part 5 (Music)

Db* Db* Db*
(Db*) Db* Db*   (Db*) Db* Db*
C* C* C*
(C*) C* C*    (C*) C* C*

Db* Db* Db*
(Db*) Db* Db*   (Db*) Db* Db*
C* C* C* (C*) C*~~

Part 6 (Verse 3)

It was a wicked and wild wind
Blew down the doors to let me in
Shattered windows and the sound of drums
People couldn’t believe what I’d become
Revolutionaries wait
For my head on a silver plate
Just a puppet on a lonely string (Mmm, mmm)
Aw, who would ever wanna be king?

2. Right-Hand Notes and Chords for Viva La Vida

Viva La Vida Piano Right Hand and Left Hand Notes

This section combines the right-hand melody with the corresponding chords played by the left hand for the song Viva La Vida.

  • Letter notes are written above the words, showing you which note to sing for each syllable.
  • Chords are written below the lyrics to tell you which chords to play on your instrument along with the song.
  • vertical bar (like this: |) is placed within the lyrics to show you exactly where to change chords.

  • The Viva La Vida song is in Ab Major key.
  • Notes for the Ab Major scale are: Ab, Bb, C, Db, Eb, F, G.
  • Chords of the Ab Major scale are: Ab (G#), Bbm (A#m), Cm, Db(C#), Eb (D#), Fm, Gdim
  • Chords used i.e chord progressions for the song Viva La Vida are (chords from Ab Major scale): Db Eb Ab Fm and the notations for the chords are
    • Db major – Db, F, Ab
    • Eb major – Eb, G, Bb
    • Ab major – Ab, C, Eb
    • F minor – F, Ab, C

Intro Music

| Db* Db* Db*
| Db

| (Db*) Db* Db*   (Db*) Db* Db*
| Eb

| C* C* C*
| Ab

| (C*) C* C*    (C*) C* C*
| Fm

| Db* Db* Db*
| Db

| (Db*) Db* Db*   (Db*) Db* Db*
| Eb

| C* C* C* (C*) | C*~~
| Ab                   | Fm

Verse 1

(C*) C* C*     C*~~    (Db*) Bb~~
I       used to  | rule      the | world
                      | Db              | Eb

Bb       (Eb)   Bb    (Bb) (Ab) C*   (Eb) F~~
Seas  would | rise  when I gave   the | word
                     | Ab              | Fm

C*    (C* C*)  (C* C*)    (C*) C*~~  (Db*) Bb~~
Now  in the    morning,  I I sleep     I alone
                                       I Db           I Eb

Bb        (Eb)  Bb       Bb Bb       (C*) Ab (G) F~~
Sweep  the  I streets  I    used   to I own
                     I Ab                             I Fm


| Db* Db* Db* | (Db*) Db* Db*   (Db*) Db* Db*
| Db                 | Eb

| C* C* C*  | (C*) C* C*    (C*) C* C*
| Ab            | Fm

| Db* Db* Db* | (Db*) Db* Db*   (Db*) Db* Db*
| Db                 | Eb

| C* C* C* (C*) | C*~~
| Ab                   | Fm

Verse 2

(C*) C* C*     C*~~   (Db*) Bb~~
I      used to   I roll       the I dice
                      I Db              I Eb

Bb     (Eb)   Bb    (Bb Ab) (Bb Bb) C*  Ab~ (G) F~~
Feel   the   I fear  in my     enemy’s     I eyes
                  I Ab                                     I Fm

C* C*   C*  C*   C*~~     (Db*) Bb~~
Listen  as  the I crowd   would I sing
                        I Db                   I Eb

(Ab Ab)     (C* Bb)  (Ab) Ab~~  (C* Bb)   (Ab) Ab~
Now the  I  old king  is dead,     long I live   the king
               I Ab                                      I Fm

(F* F* F*)     (F*)  F*~~   (Db*) Eb*~~
One minute, I      I held     the I key
                            I Db             I Eb

Eb* (Eb*) Eb*~   (Eb*) Eb*       (Db*) C*~~
Next, the I walls   were closed   on I me
                I Ab                                  I Fm

(C* C*)  (C* C*)        (C* C*)    C*~~ (Db*) Bb~~
And I      discovered   that my   I castl_es I stand
                                                   I Db          I Eb

(Ab)    Ab  (C* Bb Ab) Ab~  (Ab)  (C* Bb)  (Ab) Ab~
Upon I pillars of salt             and  pill | ars    of sand
          I Ab                                           I Fm


(Eb*) F*  F* (F*) (Eb*)  (F*) Eb*~  (Bb) C* Db*~
I I hear    Jerusalem    I bells           a-ringin’
  I Db                            I Eb

Eb*         Eb* (Eb*) (C*) (Eb*) C*~  (F) G Ab~
I Roman  cavalry           I choirs       are singin’
I Ab                                I Fm

F*  F* (F* Eb*)   (F*) Eb*~   (Bb) C* Db*
I Be my mirror,   my I sword    and shield
I Db                           I Eb

(C*) (Eb* C*) Eb*   (Eb* C* Eb*) C*~  (F) G Ab~
My  I missionaries   in a I foreign         field
       I Ab                          I Fm

F* F* (F* Eb*)  (F*)      G*  G* G*~~
I For some reason, I I can’t explain
I Db                             I Eb

Eb*      Eb*   Eb*       (Eb* C*)     (Db*) C*~
I Once  you’d gone,  there was  I never
I Ab                                              I Fm

(C* C*)  (C*)  C*~~ Db*  Bb~~~
Never    an    I honest I word
                      I Db        I Eb

(Ab)   (Bb Ab)    (G) G~  C* (G) Ab~~
And    that was I when I     ruled the I world
                         I Cm                         I Fm


| Db* Db* Db* | (Db*) Db* Db*   (Db*) Db* Db*
| Db                 | Eb

| C* C* C*  | (C*) C* C*    (C*) C* C*
| Ab            | Fm

| Db* Db* Db* | (Db*) Db* Db*   (Db*) Db* Db*
| Db                 | Eb

| C* C* C* (C*) | C*~~
| Ab                   | Fm

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