Yamaha PSR I-455 Electronic Keyboard

The Yamaha PSR-I455 has been specially optimized for Indian Music. With 753 voices and 19 voices featuring Indian instruments, The Yamaha PSR-I455 keyboard has been specially optimized for recreating the unique sound of Indian musical instruments in your keyboard performances.

Yamaha PSR-I455

Features of Yamaha PSR-I455 Keyboard

  • 753 voices and 206 styles built-in
  • Optimized for Indian music with extensive voices and rhythm styles including
    • 12 Indian arpeggiator patterns
    • 19 Indian Voices
    • 26 Indian Style Included
    • Raga practice songs
  • USB to device terminal to store and recall data
  • Has its own 10- song, 6-track sequencer
  • Song mode to record as many as ten songs, each song with up to six tracks
  • Ultra Wide Stereo
  • Four pads with eight banks of Registration Memory
  • Song Book
  • Features a number of enhancements to core functions

Specifications of Yamaha PSR-I455 Electronic Keyboard

Optimized for Indian music

  • Extensive voices and rhythm styles, not to mention 12 Indian arpeggiator patterns
  • Toal 753 voices on the PSR-I455 including
  • 19 different Indian musical instruments
  • 206 built-in styles with 23 styles provide automatic accompaniment perfect for Indian music.
  • The Arpeggio function also includes 12 uniquely Indian patterns.
  • Yamaha PSR-I455 Portable Keyboard is
  • Add to this a diverse array of voices and styles from Mexican, Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, and other genres, and it is easy to see why this portable keyboard is ideal for many different types of ethnic music from all over the world.

Tabla and tampura

Featuring 16 patterns with five different sections, the PSR-I455 faithfully recreates the sound of the electronic Tabla and Tanpura, rivaling stand-alone machines in the process. Tempo, transpose and balance for Tanpura / Tabla can be freely controlled in real-time using the keyboard’s controller knobs.

Raga practice songs

The PSR-I455 also comes complete with ten different raga-mode practice songs* which will prove highly useful in instrument or voice training.

USB to device terminal

  • USB to device terminal makes it easy to store and recall data.
  • With a USB flash memory device plugged into the keyboard’s USB to device terminal, you can easily save and load your own songs, as well as exchange data with a PC or another connected device.

Song mode

  • Record as many as ten songs, each with up to six tracks
  • The PSR-I455 recorder supports a total of six tracks—five for melodies; one for styles and patterns. Combined, these tracks can be used to record approximately 19,000 notes (almost twice that of the previous PSR-I425 models). In addition, roughly ten songs of this size can be recorded and stored in the instrument.

Ultra Wide Stereo

Yamaha PSR-I455 comes with ultra wide stereo – an acclaimed Yamaha audio effect that can be used to create a wider, more vibrant stereo mixes.

Four pads with eight banks of Registration Memory

Using Registration Memory, you can store up to 32 complete setups of your favorite PSR-I455 settings for easy recall whenever needed. In addition, a Freeze mode has been added for the Tabla and Tanpura. Specifically, this mode lets you retain Style or Tabla/Tanpura settings when you switch to a different Registration Memory.

Song Book

A song book containing the sheet music for the keyboard’s built-in songs can be downloaded free-of-charge (online user-registration required). The book also provides descriptions of how to play the song chords and other performance tips.

Many other advanced Yamaha effects built-in

The PSR-I455 comes with a selection of powerful effects that other keyboards in its class simply cannot match. For dynamic control of the instrument’s overall sound, choose from nine types of reverb, chorus, harmony, and five different types of master EQ that can be used to sculpt the final output. What’s more,


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