You Are My Sunshine – Piano Notes

Piano Letter Notes for You Are My Sunshine – CDE FGAB

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सारेग मपधनि

G       C*     D*    E*~ E*~
You   are   my     sunshine

E*     D* E*    C*~ C*~
My   only      sunshine

You Are My Sunshine” is a song published by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell in 1940. According to BMI, it has been recorded by more than 350 artists, and translated into 30 languages.
(Source – Wikipedia)

Part 1

G       C*     D*    E*~ E*~
You   are   my     sunshine

E*     D* E*    C*~ C*~
My   only      sunshine

C*       D*       E*    F*~ A*~
You   make   me   happy

A*          G*      F*     E*
When   skies   are   grey

C*         D* E*    F*~      A*~
You’ll   never    know,   dear,

A*       G*       F*   E*~   C*~
How   much   I    love   you

C*          D*       E*~~    F*~
Please   don’t   take     my

D*~          D* E*  C*
sun_  shine_ a_way

Part 2

G       C*D*     E*~      E*~
The   other    night,   dear,

E*     D* E*     C*~ C*~
As    I    lay    sleeping

C*  D*            E*   F*~     A*~
I    dreamed   I     held   you

A*   G*     F* E*
in     my   arms

C*         D*   E* F*~    A*~
When   I      awoke,   dear,

A*  G*     F* E*~  C*~
I     was   mistaken

C*      D*  E*~~    F*~
And   I    hung    my

D*~      D* E* C*
head   and_ cried

Repeat Part 1

G C* D* E*~ E*~
You are my sunshine

E* D* E* C*~ C*~
My only sunshine

C* D* E* F*~ A*~
You make me happy

A* G* F* E*
When skies are grey

C* D* E* F*~ A*~
You’ll never know, dear,

A* G* F* E*~ C*~
How much I love you

C* D* E*~~ F*~
Please don’t take my

D*~ D* E* C*
sun_ shine_ a_way

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