Jag Mein Sundar Hain Do Naam – Piano Notes

Jag Mein Sundar Hain Do Naam Piano Notes

For Jag Mein Sundar Hain Do Naam Notes as Western or Indian Notations, Click –

Western – CDE FGAB

Indian – srg mpdn

Hindi – सारेग मपधनि

Piano Notes for Jag Mein Sundar Hain Do Naam – Western Notation (CDE FGAB)

srg mpdn

सारेग मपधनि

Piano Notes with Tips

Piano Notes for Jag Mein Sundar Hain Do Naam are given in two ways.

In every part of the song,

First notes are written in – Easy to understand format –
means notes aligned with the word.

Then in that part, notes are given with tips to how to play the notes for that part –
means, which notes to play continuously,
which note to sustain and
where to pause.

Now, Important thing – instructions for that how to play part –

Notes given in round bracket like (notes) – play those notes continuously.

If there is a space between 2 notes, then play those notes seperately.

~ – wave like symbol after a note – sustain that note.

~~ – 2 wave symbol – sustain or press that note for longer.

~~~ – 3 wave symbol – Pause or End of Line.

Jag Mein Sundar Hain Do Naam is a Hindi bhajan that praises the two names of Krishna and Ram, who are both incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

The bhajan says that both names are beautiful and powerful, and that one can chant either name to attain peace and happiness.

The bhajan also describes the different deeds and qualities of Krishna and Ram, such as stealing butter, killing demons, removing sorrows, etc.

So, here are the piano notes for this beautiful bhajan.

Piano Notes for Jag Mein Sundar Hain Do Naam

Part 1

Jag mein sundar hai do naam,
chaahe Krishna kaho ya Ram

AA    A~      G~ AG E
Jag  mein   sundar_hai

D     E~~
do   naam,

A~ A~       G~  A     GE
chaahe    Krishna  kaho

D      E~~
ya    Ram

Part 1 (Tips – How to Play)

(AAA~)     G~   (AGE)    D   E~~
Jag_mein sun_dar_hai do  naam,

A~ A~    G~  (AGE)      D   E~~ 
chaahe Krishna_kaho ya  Ram~~

Repeat Part 1

with slight change in last word notes –

(AAA~)     G~   (AGE)    D   E~~
Jag_mein sun_dar_hai do  naam,

A~ A~    G~  (AGE)      D   E~~  DC#
chaahe Krishna_kaho ya  Ram~~

Part 2

Bolo Ram Ram Ram,
Bolo Shyam Shyam Shyam

C#D    E~     DE~    DC#~  D
Bolo   Ram   Ram    Ram~

CC#    D~    C#   E~     D   C#~
Bolo   Shya_m   Shya_m  Shyam

Part 2 (Tips – How to Play)

C#  D  E~  (DE~)  (DC#~)  (DC)  C#
Bo  lo  Ra  m Ra   m Ra     m Bo lo

D~     (C# E~)    (D C#~)
Shya m Shya     m  Shyam

Repeat Part 2

C#D  E~   DE~  DC#~  D
Bolo Ram Ram  Ram~

CC#  D~    C#   E~     D   C#~
Bolo  Shya_m   Shya_m  Shyam

Part 3

Maakhan braj mein ek churaave,
ek ber bhilani ke khaave

AA             AC*   A
Maakhan   braj   mein

ek     churaave,

EE    GG   AC*~    A   A A
ek     ber   shabri  ke   khaave
EE    GG   AA~     A   A A

Part 3 (Tips – How to Play)

A      A         (AC* A)     G  (AAG~)  E
Maa khan   braj   mein  e  k churaave,

E E    G~  G   A   C*~  A    A      A
e  k    be   r    sha bri  ke   khaa ve

Part 4

O.., Prem bhaav se~~

Prem bhaav se bhare anokhe,
dono ke hai kaam

C#*~~  C#*~ C#*  C#*~  C#*  C#*~ C* A~
O~~     Prem         bhaav         se    ~~~~

C#* C#*    C#*  C#*    C#*
Prem        bhaav        se

C* C#*    C* A~ A
bhare     anokhe

GA  G   E     D     E~ DC
dono     ke   hai   kaam

Part 4 (Tips – How to Play)


C#*~  (C#*  C#*~)  (C#* C#*~) C* A~
Pre     m    bhaa      v se         ~~~~

C#*~  (C#* C#*~)  (C#* C#*)
Pre     m    bhaa      v se

C*   C#*    C* A~   A
bha re       a  no   khe

(GAG)   E     D     E~ DC
dono     ke   hai   kaam

Part 5 (Repeat Part 2)

C#  D  E~  (DE~)  (DC#~)  (DC)  C#
Bo  lo  Ra  m Ra   m Ra     m Bo lo

D~     (C# E~)    (D C#~)
Shya m Shya     m  Shyam

C#D  E~   DE~  DC#~  D
Bolo Ram Ram  Ram~

CC#  D~    C#   E~     D   C#~
Bolo  Shya_m   Shya_m  Shyam

For full bhajan lyrics of Jag Mein Sundar Hain Do Naam in Hindi and English, please visit – 

Jag Mein Sundar – Lyrics in English

Jag Mein Sundar – Lyrics in Hindi

Will be Updated:

Part 6

Ek Kans paapi ko maare,
ek dusht Ravan samhaare
Dono din ke duhkh harat hai,
dono bal ke dhaam
Chaahe Krishna kaho ya Ram

Part 7

Ek Radhika ke sang raaje,
ek Janki sang viraaje
Chaahe Sita-Ram kaho,
ya bolo Radhe-Shyam
Chaahe Krishna kaho ya Ram

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