Rain, Rain, Go Away – Nursery Rhyme – Keyboard Notes

Rain, Rain, Go Away – Nursery Rhyme Keyboard Notes

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Western – CDE FGAB

Indian – srg mpdn

Hindi – सारेग मपधनि

Keyboard Notes for Rain, Rain, Go Away – Nursery Rhyme – Indian Notation (srg mpdn)

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सारेग मपधनि

Part 1

Simplified Notes

p~~    g~~   p     pg~
Rain    rain    go   a-way

p           p g        d p   p       g~~
Come   a-gain   a-no-ther   day

m   m       r   r             m         m     r
Li-ttle    (chil-dren*)   wants   to   play
(*-children or any name like Arthur)

p   m   g   r     g      s s~~
Rai-n- rai-n    go   a-way

Full Notes

p~~   g~~  p   pg~
Rain, rain, go away

p         pg       dpp      g~~
Come again another day

mm      rr           m      m   r
Little (children) wants to play
(*-children or any name like Arthur)

pm   gr    g   ss~~
Rain rain go away

Part 2 (Version 2)

p~~     g~~   p     pg~
Rain,   rain,   go   away

p           pg        d          pp        g~~
Come   again   some   other   day

m     m        r    r        m     m~          r
We   want   to   go   out_side_and   play
m     m      r    r         m     mm         r

p           mg       r         g  s      s~~
Come   again   some   other   day

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